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You have probably seen many cheese collections, but this Dolceterra cheese collection is different. When it comes to cheese that gives you an unforgettable experience, Monte Veronese cheese remains the best.

 This cheese collection contains three different Monte Veronese cheeses with class. It contains Monte Veronese DOP 1.10 lb, Monte Veronese DOP Aged 1.01 lb and Monte Veronese DOP Aged over 12 months. What a collection.

 The Veronese mountains are popular for their pastures. In this area, the alpage period lasts longer than the usual one. You know, the age of cheese will determine its flavor and taste. That is why this collection of cheese is the best.


About Monte Veronese Cheese

When it comes to the first Italian cheeses that received DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), Monte Veronese is on top of the list because of its quality. The tradition of Monte Veronese goes along with its geographical heritage of the area between Monte Baldo and Monti Lessini. Verona is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, so it is not a surprise that the city is known for the best cheeses.

 The history of cheese is as old as human’s history. Evidence can be found in its original name. “Caseus oculus” or “Caseus macaegus,” which is a typical Ancient Rome term that refers to the presence of several small holes in the inner part of cheese.

 Monte Veronese cheese is so important that it did not only get DOP recognition in 1993 but also entered the prestigious Slow Food Products. Whenever there is a festival in Verona, you will see the tables filled with Monte Veronese cheeses. That is how important this cheese is.

 The cow milk used to make Monte Veronese DOP came from the northern part of Province of Verona. The milk is fresh and organic.

 Monte Veronese DOP is a semi-cooked cheese that is mainly used as a table cheese. The organic, fresh milk used to make it makes it the healthiest cheese in Italy. Both the rennet and starter bacteria are added to the fresh milk and after some minutes, it became a curd, which is then heated at a 450 temperature for ten minutes.

 For 25 to 30 minutes, the heated curd is left to rest and to extract the liquid part so that it remains only the solid part. Then it undergoes the salting process. Some can be served while others can be left to age. Some are left to mature for 30 days while the remaining are left to age for over 60 days.

 These cylindrically shaped cheeses have a diameter of 25 to 35 centimeters and a height of 7 to 11 centimeters. The rind is thin and these cheeses come with a straw-yellow color, which becomes more intense as it aged. These cheeses have holes scattered across the inner part and the inside can be straw-colored or white.

Tastes the same as the semi-hard cow’s cheeses, these cheeses are delicate and pleasant. Thanks to the whole milk used to make these cheeses, the cheeses offer interesting yogurt scent.

Of course, there are several varieties of Monte Veronese cheese, but Dolceterra brings you the best three. This collection of cheese contains cheeses with robust flavor and a slight sharpness. When viewed from a nutritional viewpoint, Monte Veronese cheese contains a high amount of protein and fat rich in carotene. Cheeses in this collection are easily digested and offer more nutritional values than any other cheese out there.


 How to eat Monte Veronese DOP Cheeses

These cheeses are versatile and can be used as a grated or table cheese, especially the aged versions. You can eat these cheeses alone or enjoy them with fresh salads. They can also be used as an ingredient for the fondue with other cheeses. Monte Veronese DOP cheeses are delicate and give a slightly acid taste, which makes them a perfect combination with honey, citrus jam, legumes, salami, nuts and vegetables.

 The best wines that go perfectly with Monte Veronese DOP are not too intense but can be a light red wine, a middle-bodied white wine or a good sparkling wine. For the aged Monte Veronese DOP, you can try aged red wines such as local Bardolino and Valpolicella DOC. You can even settle for a good raisin wine. Monte Veronese DOP cheeses are not made with pasteurized milk to ensure the unique organoleptic qualities offered by the pasture grazing of the cows is felt in the products.

Whether you are thinking of the right chop for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can choose any of the cheeses in this Dolceterra cheese collection. If you want to give your friends and family something special to eat, these cheeses are perfect because they are a delight on the palate. The unmistakable aroma, flavor and taste of these cheeses make them the choice of the people, which is why we packed the three varieties of cheese in one place just for your enjoyment.

 Are you ready to satisfy your taste bud with the best cheeses? Just make your order and let Dolceterra do a great job of sending it to you anywhere you are.

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Dolceterra Cheese Collection 02