Dream Of Venice

Venice has been, for the past thousand years, one of the ‘must see’ destinations, not only of Italy and Europe, but of the world. 

The narrow canals, half submerged buildings, beautiful architecture and moderate climate, not to mention the history, art and culture of this magical city, leave visitors spellbound and impatient to return to its unmatched beauty again and again.

From its strategic position at the top end of the Adriatic Sea, occupying 118 small islands within a shallow lagoon, Venice grew from a cluster of houses to become the leading financial and trading superpower within the Mediterranean and beyond, enticing traders from as far away as Scandinavia and the Middle East and expanding outwards to govern a large part of northern Italy, many Greek islands and the Dalmatian coast.

The Venetians became known for their sailing prowess, travel to distant lands and their ability to make lots of money. Fortunes were made along the sea lanes and trade routes, which would go a long way to building the city that attracts millions of visitors from around the world.

And with that trade and wealth came opportunities that offered Venetians the chance to enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. Art became almost as important as the air that they breathed, while theatre and opera were renowned the world over and the buildings took on a character of their own, not just as places to live and work, but as old friends ready to greet you at every turn.

Nowadays the city is a part of Italy of course. And nowhere is the Italian phrase ‘la dolce vita’ more suited to than Venice, with its casual and ageless opulence, myriad canals and overabundance of bridges making life in the city a truly fabulous experience, filled with excitement and the extraordinary at every turn.


But it’s not only art and culture, bridges and canals that this remarkable city is famous for. No trip to Venice, or indeed any part of Italy, would be complete without sampling the delicious food it has to offer.

As soon as you step from the boat that whisks you from the mainland and into this ethereal world of water, you will be overawed by the mesmerizing fusion of the architectural wonders and sanguine aromas of food coming at you from every direction. As you explore deeper into the Calli, Campi and Campielli of the city, every one of your senses will become attuned to Venice and her alluring charms and none more so than your sense of smell.

Eating samples of cheeses and cold meats, like Grana Padana and Venetian salami, drizzled with some of the finest olive oils that Italy has to offer, while soaking up the sun outside a typical Trattoria, is one of the greatest pleasures life in Venice has to offer.

And who could resist watching the boats and gondolas of the canals plying their trade, while sipping limoncello or a fabulous wine like Amarone della Valpolicella, as the sun slowly sets across the lagoon and the vibrant night time restaurant life begins to take center stage?

Italian Food rightly holds its head up alongside the great cuisines of the world and no more so than in Venice. And with dolceterra.com you can savor some of the most exquisite foods the city has to offer.

Whether staying for a long weekend in a luxury hotel or a simple bed and breakfast, to sampling the finest foods in a top restaurant of something from the back-street Trattorias that abound, you won’t be disappointed by what Venice has to offer.

The buildings of Venice still greet you as an old friend today, still showing off their fading grandeur to all who visit and still welcoming you with the delicious aromas that seem to be ever present, wherever you happen to wander.

It’s difficult to imagine one without the other in this stunning setting and hard to imagine what it would be like without dolceterra.com to provide some of the tastes of Italy that we have come to love and expect.

Next time you visit Venice, remember to take a few moments to soak up not just the atmosphere, but the amazing tastes she offers too. Because in a city of romance, you’ll find that it’s food that is the universal language that will make your visit more memorable than you could ever have hoped.