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Asiago Cheese "Trugole" 90 days Aged

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Originated from the mountainous region of Asiago, where the lush meadows and altitude provide great pastures for a cow to develop quality milk, Asiago Cheese “Trugole” is the best cheese for snacking. During its aging process, it develops a straw-colour with a semi-firm paste and a mild fruity flavour.

Produced using Asiago’s fat cow milk, the flavour is intense but with a sleek profile ranging from herbaceous sensations to more fruity reminiscence of nuts and a finish of elegant spicy notes. Its persistent taste and flavour make it the choice of many people from different parts of the world.

Its buttery look makes it look like a cheese filled with butter, but it’s not butter filled. It is satisfying and perfect for any occasion. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will enjoy this delicacy, even more, when you top it with your favourite wine. Give Asiago Cheese “Trugole” a try and see how it will lighten up your mood.

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