Emilian Salami

The origin of Italian salami goes back to the beginning of time and pig used to make salami, is one of the animals Italians appreciated most. In Italy, the use of pig meat, especially salted and processed ones also have an ancient tradition.

 In the past, animals were reared to meet the village or family requirements. The first time Italy witnessed none-nomadic breeding was during the time of Etruscan. According to archaeologist’s testimony, over 50,000 pieces of animal bones were found in Forcello (V century B.C.), in Mantua’s province. 60 percent of the bones are from pigs. Studies showed that the bones belonged to pigs that are approximately 2 – 3 years of age but the bones of the rear legs are not found. Probably, that was when charcuterie product’s concept was born.

 During Roman times, the interest is mainly on pork legs. Ham becomes the favorite product obtained from pork and the most consumed salami. The successive Barbarian invasions turned pigs into the most important resources for villages and countryside. In fact, the ham, pancettas and shoulders become monetary currency.

 Pig grazing during the middle ages is so important that people measure woods according to their ability to nourish pigs. With the passing of time, pig breeding and eating of products related to pork progressively gain importance.

 Between the 12th and 17th centuries, jobs linked to pork processing sees a strong development in Italy. Today, the pork processing tradition has been passed down to the artisans and the food industry to create innovative pork products and sometimes rediscover its ancient recipes.

 About Emilian Salami

Before you realize it, a conversation about Emilian salami takes you on a journey to peruse the length and breadth of Italy. The salami from Emilia-Romagna ranges from Piacenza to Felino salami, which offers an extraordinarily rich panorama. Going on a vacation to this part of Italy will make you enjoy salami as you have never before.

 Historically, farmers expertly mincing meat, mixing up fatty parts and lean parts with salt and then made their own recipes adding the best the land had to offer. So in Italy, every salami is different. Some salamis contain salt and pepper, but Emilian Salami is designed to give full expression of the pork itself. This salami is an ode to simplicity because the ingredients are excellent. This salami will surprise you with its pure pork, spicy chili and garlic. The pork is minced, seasoned and stuffed into thin sacs and then left to age for 60 days to bring out its flavors.

 When you think of traditional food you can eat to satisfaction, think about Emilian salami. This salami is made with quality pork meat and contains no artificial coating to cover the flavor of the pork. Emilian salami is famous for its quality, flavor and unforgettable taste. Even if you have never tasted cold cut meat before, this pork meat will delight your palate. It is delicious, aromatic and always tickles the palate.

 Emilian salami is produced with the best-selected pork and it is perfectly matured. Whether it is a wedding, party or you just decide to make your family and friends happy, this is the perfect pork for any occasion.

 The best thing about Emilian salami is that you don’t need to visit Italy before you eat it. You can order from the comfort of your couch and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Dolceterra understands you love the best salami that is why we bring you Emilian salami. Whether you are eating it alone or you are slicing it on your favorite recipe, its flavor, aroma and unmistakable taste will make you ask for more.

 How to eat Emilian salami

Dolceterra Emilian salami is suitable and delicious to be enjoyed as an appetizer. Its top quality ingredients mean you can eat it alone. It is best combined with slices of bread or pasta or other local cured meat or with a few Parmigiano Reggiano shards.

 Not only is this salami delicious, but it is also nutritious. With no artificial ingredients used, you can rest assured that you are eating the best part of pork.

 If you love wines, you can combine either red or white wine with Emilian Salami. When the flavor of wine meets the aroma of Emilian salami, the resulting taste will give you an unforgettable experience. If you really want to enjoy the cold cut meat, slice it thinly, pop in a fork and eat while holding a glass of red or white wine and sipping. At Dolceterra, we care about your health that is why we bring Emilian salami to you. We can deliver this salami to your doorstep as soon as you order. If you are looking for the perfect lunch or dinner, look no further than Emilian salami.

 It is time to eat! Grab Emilian salami, slice and enjoy with your favorite recipe.


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