Guanciale Norcia –Peppered (Whole)

Is it ever possible to stay in a town known for its salami for three days and not become a meat-eater? Norcia is a gorgeous little town situated close to Monti Sibillini National Park, on the bound line between Umbria and Le Marche region.

 Norcia is popularly known as the pork capital of Italy. The town is not famous for just the taste of pig, but also for cutting pigs up. It is the birthplace of pork processing. During Roman times, Norcia played a vital role in the commercial exchanges between the Adriatic coast and the center of Italy. History made us understand that from the beginning of civilization in Umbria, Norcia area was covered by a forest of oak trees whose fruit has always been the food pigs love most. The oak trees fruits give a special taste to pigs meat. Today, there are several shops selling piggy products, with several kinds of salami, sausage and pancetta hanging from the beam of the ceilings.

 Italy is so rich in local recipes and specialties, and there are several places in Italy where one can get fabulous cured meat and cold cuts. However, Norcia is the home of the best pork meat. Salting is another area where Norcia excelled when it comes to pig meat.


For many centuries, this beautiful town has been preserving the meat processing tradition for the production of sausages, hams and all types of sausage. So when it comes to the most nutritious pork meat, look no further than pork from Norcia.

As you walk around the town, you can easily see for yourself that this town is the home of pork. The shop keepers will call you to sample salami. If you have never eaten salami before, eating a small cut of it will make you change your mind. You will always want to eat the delicious pork from Norcia. Guanciale Norcia is the cheek part of the pig. The pig cheek is triangular in shape and varies in weight from 800g to 1000g. It is cured and spiced with pepper.

 Guanciale Norcia is made from carefully trimmed pig’s cheek, salted and cured like pancetta. Even with less fat, it looks similar to spread bacon. The classic style in which this salami is made combined with the pepper that covered its whole body gives it its unparalleled flavor and taste.

 About Guanciale Norcia

Guanciale Norcia is a cured unsmoked Italian pork cheek. It is the perfect chop for the night. If you have a busy weeknight and needs to get super on the table, this is the best salami for you. The pork meat is hygienically cured and salted to give it a great flavor and aroma that fills the mouth and nose. The taste is unforgettable because it is a specialty from Norcia - the headquarter of quality pork meat. The best thing about this pork meat is that you don’t need to visit Norcia before you savor its taste. You can sit on a couch and order as much as you want. Dolceterra brings the flavor of peppered pork bacon to your table.

 Guanciale Norcia can’t be mistaken for any other salami because it is specially cured, salted and coated in delicious pepper crumbs. Whether you have eaten salami before or not, a taste of Guanciale Norcia will make you want to eat more. Not only is it delicious, but it is also nutritious.

 Whether it is morning, afternoon or night, this pork meat can lighten your mood with its flavor and taste. It is especially perfect for dinner if you are looking for the right food. Just slice it thinly and pop in the fork.

 How to eat Guanciale Norcia?

The bacon can be eaten alone. You just need to slice it thinly and eat with tasteless bread or bruschetta. If you love wines, you can pair it with a red wine of your choice or a double malt beer. You can also slice it on pasta or pair it with vegetable, pan-cooked Bettona peas or nuts.

Aside from Guanciale Norcia ability to make your day brighter, you can use it for any occasion. There is no better meat for your occasion than this salami. Although it can be eaten alone, you can also use it to serve food. When people eat this salami during your occasion, they will never forget you in a hurry because it will give them an unforgettable experience. Guanciale Norcia unmistakable flavor and taste make it the best salami for any occasion. However, you don’t need to travel to Italy to get this pork meat. Dolceterra can bring it to your doorstep! Just make your order and leave the rest to us.

 We know you love special pork meat, which is why we are here to serve you. You can make your order now and wait for it to get to you. Want to give it a try and see the difference? Order now!


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