Limoncello Dolceterra

In our journey to the discovery of the flavors of our country, we often found ourselves thinking about some prejudices that we had developed over many years of good food.

For an Italian, in fact, it is sometimes difficult to enhance the meal that is placed in front of him, being so used to see such courses every day, so we have forgotten the wonder beyond a waterfall of grated cheese or the emotions in seeing a chopping board of sliced meats.

Our experience should not be a limit, however, but a starting point to perceive the nuances and appreciate the quality of certain products.

One of these is certainly Limoncello, written with a capital L because it is the lord of all Italian liqueurs. Limoncello is the cold kiss that concludes even the most abundant meal, the one that rises to the top before reaching the lips, with its golden colour reminiscent of Harry Potter's Felix Felicis.

A potion that brought joy and luck, is there any better comparison with Limoncello? We are so used to sipping it with our family and friends that we forget the miracle that led to its birth.

To amaze us once more, we move along the Amalfi Coast and enter the Dolceterra company, where lemon terraces welcome us with their yellow and green colours.

And it is under these plants that the journey begins: the lemons are side by side with the flowers, so the harvest must be carried out manually and with care, so as not to damage future crops.

This fruit gives us its first gift, with the typical scent of southern Italy, Campania, of course, but also of Sicily and other regions that plunge into the Mediterranean Sea.

Limoncello comes from this care and attention from the very first moments: from cultivation techniques such as "pagliarelle" that enable a slow but excellent ripening, to the harvest and the transformation into liqueur.

At this stage we just have to taste this golden liquid: we can do it in the most traditional way, when the Limoncello is frozen and poured into small glasses (also frozen) to sweep away any flavor enjoyed during dinner and refresh the palate.

However, beauty comes in many forms, and so Limoncello becomes part of many cocktails, an ornament for a cup of fruit, poured into a coffee (only the Italian one, however) or even in the form of an ice-lolly, for when the heat becomes unbearable and the shirt gets stuck on like a second skin.

This is because Limoncello is the Italian liqueur and in Italy we have never stopped talking about food: the alchemists of the dining table, because Italians know very well that even if the world should collapse, it is easier to be happy with a full stomach, limoncello on the palate and a smile on the lips.

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