Provolone del Monaco Recipe – The Best Italian Cheese

Have you ever tasted Provolone del Monaco before? Well, if you have never tasted it before, you are missing out on the most delicious and aged cheese loved by every cheese lover.

Provolone del Monaco is a unique cheese, made with a unique process. The recipe for this cheese cannot be changed because the cheese will lose its distinctive flavor and taste if it is changed.
In Italy, Provolone del Monaco is traditionally served as part of antipasto platters or as an accompaniment to sliced bread or crackers.

What is the History of Provolone del Monaco?

Provolone is a type of cheese that originated in Campania, Italy. It is known for its characteristic flavor, which can be described as buttery, spicey, sharp and sweet, but also salty and nutty. Let us begin the history of Provolone del Monaco with its name, “Provolone del Monaco” which means “The Monk’s Provolone cheese.” However, monks have nothing to do with this cheese.

The reason for the name of this cheese is that the dairymen would go down at sunrise when it is cold from the Lattari Mountains to the Naples’s market and cover themselves with cloth bags to protect them from the cold weather, looking like they were wearing a monk’s robe. These people are at the core of this phenomenal cheese. The PDO Provolone del Monaco cheese is only made in Campania with raw Agerolese cow milk, which is indigenous milk of the endangered breeds of cows that also produces very little milk.
However, that little milk is absolutely extraordinary, because it contains all the aroma of aromatic herbs naturally found in the Mediterranean scrubland that the cows eat. 
With this type of milk, we are already off to a great start for an amazing cheese. Another important thing about this cheese is the skill and craftsmanship of the Campania master cheesemakers that have spun paste to create an amazing taste for more than two centuries.
As you may have already known when it comes to Italian stretched curd cheeses, spinning is an ancient and spectacular ritual. The sparkling and elastic fibers are nicely stretched with extraordinary skill, meticulous movements, repetitive gestures and traditional wisdom, which is the only way perfect cheese forms are born. 
Once the cheese is shaped, Provolone del Monaco cheese is drenched in a brine bath and then tied by hand with traditional ties. After it is tied, it is time for aging, which can be from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 18 months. 

A fresh Provolone del Monaco cheese is sweet and round. If aged, it is savory and spicier, providing a true explosion of taste. Whichever is your favorite, we have the perfect recipe to improve its unique flavor and make it even more delicious.

Why Is Provolone del Monaco People's Favorite?
Provolone del Monaco is an Italian cheese that has been around for centuries. It is made from cow's milk and is processed in the traditional way and perfectly aged, which makes it one of the most expensive cheeses in the world.

The cheese is made by combining cow's milk with rennet, salt, and bacterial cultures. It takes a lot of time to produce this cheese because it has to age for at least six months before it can be sold.

It is a versatile cheese that is perfect in a lot of recipes. People love it because of its flavor, taste and spiciness. It is the best cheese you can ever find on the market.

Provolone del Monaco Recipes
Provolone del Monaco is a delicious cheese that everyone wants to try. Here are some recipes you definitely want to try.

1. Spaghetti alla Nero
Spaghetti ala Nero is a delicious recipe and here is everything you need to prepare it.

·         200g provolone del Monaco
·         320g spaghetti
·         1 clove of garlic
·         Fresh basil
·         Extra virgin olive oil
·         4 small courgettes

·         Slice the courgettes thinly and fry with plenty of extra virgin olive oil for some minutes. Until golden brown. The oil should not be too hot. Wash your basil. Then dab courgetti slices and basil leaves dry with a kitchen roll. Using a hand blender, mix half of the courgettes you fried with half of the basil until creamy.
·         Coarsely grate the provolone del Monaco
·         Add salt to water and boil it. Cook the spaghetti in it. When it is almost cooked, peel the garlic, lightly press the clove and gently fry it on low heat in a large pan with a spoonful oil. Pour the garlic somewhere and put the fried slices of courgetti in the pan.
·         Drain the spaghetti and save a glass of its water. Add the spaghetti to the courgetti slices in the large pan and fry for a minute on low heat.
·         Mix the provolone del Monaco with the pureed courgettes and add hot pasta water until the creaminess of the sauce is consistent. Add salt to taste. Then mix the zucchini slices and spaghetti with the sauce. Garnish with basil and serve hot.

Provolone del Monaco Substitute
Provolone del Monaco is a cheese made from cow's milk and it is one of the most famous Italian cheeses.

It was first produced in the region of Campania, Italy. It is a semi-hard cheese that has a characteristic golden crust on the outside. The cheese can be eaten at any time, but it is best when it has been aged for more than six months.

The Provolone del Monaco substitute Caciocavallo cheese.

The Bottom Line

While there are many cheese made in Italy provolone del Monaco stands out. It is well-aged, delicious, aromatic and versatile. You can enjoy it in different recipes and even pair it with the red wine of your choice.

Provolone del Monaco is a part of Italian culinary heritage – and we would like to keep it that way. It is the time to get Provolone del Monaco for your special occasions, to enjoy with your friends, or to create new memories with the next generation. You can give it a try today.