The original Italian Caponata - The queen of side dishes


Its origins

Caponata is one of the best-known Italian dishes to date in the world, but what is its history? Where does it come from?

Caponata has Sicilian origins (like many other good things, for example cannoli or almond paste...) and has a very long and complex history. The complexity of this dish can be seen already from its name, in fact we are not sure of its origin: it might derive from "caupona," with this word the ancient Romans indicated the tavern, where poor dishes were prepared with vegetables, oil and vinegar. In ancient times, however, this dish did not contain eggplant as it was unknown and celery was little used in cooking. 

Caponata has an evolution during the Spanish domination, many centuries later, in fact at that time it became an "aristocratic" dish because inside it there were crustaceans and different kinds of fish. At this point in fact we can talk about the second hypothesis of the name "Caponata," it could derive from "capone" a fish that was often included inside Caponata at that time. 

The name Caponata has different origins and different recipes in different historical periods, however these recipes have one element in common that is still present in caponata today: the sweet and sour sauce. 

Caponata or Caponate? 

There are many versions of caponata to this day, however the version that is best known today is the one from Palermo, where there is chopped eggplant and pitted olives. But throughout Sicily The poorer version of caponata has won out over the course of centuries and has come down to us, retaining the unique and inimitable flavors of Sicily.There are more than forty variations of the recipe in the region, and one such caponata can now be purchased online. Many dishes, many dishes and recipes are "lost" within the tradition itself, in fact during the ages very often the recipes undergo changes also due to local or family customs. 

Why is it the right time to buy caponata?

Buying caponata online at this time of year is ideal, in fact it is a poor dish, but rich in seasonal vegetables and above all genuine. Caponata is perfect to be eaten in summer, accompanied by different dishes, such as fish but also meat . Do you want to know what is the best way to enjoy our caponata you can find online? With a piece of bread: make the "scarpetta" to the dish! 

What you will find in our eggplant caponata? 

Only genuine and natural products from Sicily, according to ancient tradition, products that seem poor but contain within them flavors full of surprises and emotions.

In particular you will find delicious fried eggplants, which give a strong flavor, olives that grow luxuriantly in the Mediterranean area, bright and ripe tomatoes the undisputed symbol of Italila, celery that gives freshness, onions that enrich the dish with their intense flavor, capers that give Caponata grit, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, sugar and salt that guarantee the preservation of our wonderful Caponata that can be purchased online.