Why is ceramic the best container for oil?

In Italy, oil is a very important element of our cuisine, we know, but today we want to tell you about its history and the history of its containers.

Since ancient times, oil has had three enemies: heat, light and oxygen. These three elements can damage the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oil.

In the past, how could they protect the precious oil?

Thanks to ceramics. Pottery has accompanied the path of all ancient civilizations, as decorative objects or as kitchen utensils and containers for liquid substances. Clay was an easy material to find in nature, and these vessels were closed in many different ways. To this day, ceramic containers for oil and limoncello are rarer and are made by local artisans completely by hand.

But why is it important to continue using these containers?

Ceramic offers important favorable points. Firstly, it is safe, this material is made completely food-safe, secondly, ceramic is still the best material for maintaining oil and limoncello, it protects from heat, light and oxygen. Then we must also talk about ceramics as a product made from natural and recyclable materials. Finally, it is correct to talk about our ceramics, Italian ceramics are completely handmade by our local artisans, each piece is made with care and passion and is unique worldwide. We at Dolceterra want to keep this ancient tradition alive and preserve a healthy lifestyle under the banner of sustainable ethics.

How about you?