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Cheese Bowl - Handmade

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Discover Dolceterra cheese bowl (diameter 4.72"height 3.0").
When it comes to serving cheese, it is important to have a nice cheese bowl to serve your cheese on the table. Dolceterra cheese bowl is not just an ordinary bowl like some of the cheese bowls you have seen. This is a beautiful and presentable cheese bowl that will keep your cheese fresh and attractive.

Made in Italy using ceramic and designed by experience potter, this cheese bowl is perfect for serving cheese on the table. In fact, it is a perfect gift you can send to a friend and family members. When you are serving your cheese, you want to serve it with the most attractive bowl you can be proud of. That is why we bring to you this beautifully designed bowl.

Shred your cheese in this bowl, place a cup of wine right beside it and enjoy while you watch your favourite TV show. We know you love beautiful cheese bowl you can comfortably put on your table. When you serve your cheese in this bowl, your guest will ask you of where you get the bowl because it is the most attractive cheese bowl you can find on the market.

Serve your cheese in this cheese bowl and make yourself comfortable.

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