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Cimbro Cheese Refined with Sage and Rosemary

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Cimbro cheese is an artisanal cheese made from organic cow’s milk from the mountains of Verona. This local cheese is aged for 2 to 3 months and refined in sage and rosemary, and then vacuum packed to complete its ripening process. After the maturation period, the cimbro forms are preserved for 6 months and wrapped in sage and rosemary to slowly absorb the intense aroma.

This Sage and Rosemary cured cheese is crafted traditionally and has a compact texture. The rosemary leaves which the cheese is refined with provide it a Mediterranean floral aroma, which makes it an outstanding Italian cheese.

The scent of sage and floral aroma of rosemary leaves combines to provide the aromatic herbs, which provides a perfect balance and diffuses pleasantly on the palate.

Cimbro cheese can be enjoyed alone or with a blonde beer and dried fruit. If you are looking for an inviting and satisfying cheese to eat, Cimbro cheese is the right cheese for you.
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