Dolceterra Cheese 'Taste of Italy 01'

Dolceterra Cheese 'Taste of Italy 01'

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Not all cheeses represent Italian cheese. Dolceterra has helped you to select the best Italian cheese and package them in one pack. If you are a lover of the best Italian cheeses made with organic cow’s, goat’s, buffalo’s and sheep’s milk, we’ve got you covered with this selection of the best taste of Italy.

These Italian cheeses are appetizers and come in different flavours. Whether you want to try a burst of flavour or taste, this Dolceterra taste of Italy has got you covered. From Asiago, smoked Smoked Scamorza, Spicy Provolone, Smoked Caciotta Latteria Lessinia, Pecorino Toscano to Monte Veronese, you’ve got the best taste of Italy in one place.

This selection will give you a chance to alternate between different tastes and aroma, as well as your favourite wines. This will create a harmony that can only be heard among the guests on your table. If you are looking for a unique experience that cheeses bring, this selection will tickle your palate.

In this package, you will get:
Monte Veronese DOP
Spicy Provolone DOP
Smoked Caciotta Laterria Lessinia
Asiago DOP aged for 12 months
Pecorino Toscano DOP il Forteto
Smoked Scamorza with Il Forteto a pasta filata
What’s more? Whatever you are looking for in cheeses, Dolceterra Cheese Taste of Italy 01 is sure to deliver it.

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