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Dolceterra Cheese Collection 02

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Discover the special cheese collection brought to you by Dolceterra. In this box, we present to you the intense flavour of Monte Veronese DOP. When you buy this cheese collection, you get:

Monte Veronese DOP 1.10 lb
Monte Veronese DOP Aged 1.10 lb
Monte Veronese DOP Aged over 12 months

Packed with excellent nutrients and unmatched flavour, the fabulous Dolceterra Cheese Collection 02 is specially produced in Verona. This collection is made with the milk of cow bred in the Lessinia valleys. You can pair these cheeses with any favourite recipe and top it with your favourite wine.

The Dolceterra Cheese Collection 02 pairs well with honey, nuts, fruits and even salami. If you want to eat a special cheese that offers not only a sweet taste but great aroma and nutrition content, look no further than Dolceterra Cheese Collection 02.

When you return home from work, tired and thinking of what to eat to quash your hunger, Dolceterra Cheese Collection 02 is your companion. You can enjoy it alongside a cup of wine while watching your favourite TV series.
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