Elicoidali Integral - RUMMO
Elicoidale Integral - RUMMO
Elicoidali Integral Emotional - RUMMO

Elicoidali Integral - RUMMO

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We think that pasta is the culture of our country. So we respect that very Italian pleasure of eating well, the well-known regional traditions and the lesser-known local delicacies. With Lenta Lavorazione®, an exclusive method which produces a peerless pasta, we want to tell the story of a voyage of rediscovery of the time of the artisan, characterized by attention to details.

The Lenta Lavorazione method comes directly from the traditional and artisan way of making pasta. Careful research into the best ingredients, handled with care and without hurrying, respecting their needs and characteristics and following the rhythm of nature.

From that moment, we have selected only the best durum wheat that nature has to offer, the only ones able to ensure our pasta has the right protein content.

Cooking time: 12 minutes.

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