"Fenarolo" Cheese Affined in Hay

"Fenarolo" Cheese Affined in Hay

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Produced with cow and/ or sheep milk, Fenarolo Cheese Affined in Hay is aged for two months and then refined in natural hay. This cheese maturation under hay gives it a typical amber colour, aroma and taste that reminisce the hay meadow. With intense herbal notes and excellent taste, this cheese can brighten your day.

Fenarolo Cheese Affined in Hay has a strong and intense flavour, which makes it a great match with a red wine of the same characteristics. The cheese has no additives, as it is made with pasteurized organic sheep’s or cow’s milk, lactic ferments, salt and rennet.

Fenarolo Cheese Affined in Hay is best consumed alone and also pairs well with several recipes and dishes. It can be grated and enjoyed with salads, chocolate, nuts and vegetables. Whether you are eating it at home or you are serving it at a wine and cheese party, Fenarolo Cheese Affined in Hay is sure to delight your taste bud and elevate your mood.

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