"Peperoncino Cheese" - La Casara Roncolato

"Peperoncino Cheese" - La Casara Roncolato

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Peperoncino Cheese is where cool Asiago meets spicy red peppers. The cheese is made with premium cow’s milk and then aged for 5 months to allow its flavours to blend perfectly. This cheese adds the right amount of kick to any antipasto platter or cheese board.

The spicy red pepper added to the cheese during the making process makes it a hot, zesty pepper cheese. Its texture is hard and slightly crumbly. With a sharp, hot and spicy flavour, you can never go wrong with Peperoncino Cheese.

This gluten-free and natural cheese pairs well with roasted pepper, fresh vegetables, meats, strong wine and beer. It can also be shared into hot pasta for a spicy flavour and shred onto soup or cube for an appetizer. This sweet and peppery cheese also melts over roasted beef and excellent with chocolates.

If you are looking for a nutritious, spicy and delicious cheese, look no further than Peperoncino Cheese.

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