Strampelli Amatrice Spaghetti - The Real Pasta for Amatriciana
Strampelli Amatrice Spaghetti - The Real Pasta for Amatriciana
Strampelli Amatrice Spaghetti - The Real Pasta for Amatriciana
Strampelli Amatrice Spaghetti - The Real Pasta for Amatriciana

Strampelli Amatrice Spaghetti - The Real Pasta for Amatriciana

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100% Italian durum wheat semolina pasta, bronze drawn and dried at low temperature.
The shape of Italian pasta par excellence: there is no seasoning that is not in harmony in the most varied preparations around the world.

The “King” of the Amatriciana embellished even more by its unique special U-shaped process.

Packaged in a 17.64 oz food bag.

The accurate processing method allows to obtain a high quality pasta extremely tolerable at any age, thanks to the specific nutritional characteristics.
Four shapes for this first production: Spaghetti and Bucatini long-cut with the special U-shaped process (so called “ad archetto”), and Rigatoni and Mezze Maniche with the versatile short-cut shapes for the preparation of the most popular and well-known recipes in the world.

The absolute purity of the ingredients, the slow drying at low temperature, the accurate artisanship and a lot of love for the territory of Amatrice and its population of historical traditions, make our pasta ambassador of a “Made in Italy”, so unique and always sought after and even more considered thanks to the prestigious De.Co of the Municipality of Amatrice, for the enhancement of typical local products.

The Strampelli pasta has received the prestigious De.Co (Communal Denomination), from the Muncipality of Amatrice which has therefore guaranteed the ingredients, has demonstrated the local origin of the product and has established its composition, confirming the local typicality.

Nazareno Strampelli

A real “green revolution” carried out by Nazareno Strampelli in the early 1900s, starting a plant genetic improvement program through a pioneering experiment to improve the resistance of wheat to various external agents and setting up in the experimental station in Rieti, a real production chain that in the 1920s led to the production of the “Grains of Victory” thanks to a brilliant and meticulous work on wheat varieties from all over the world.

A first true globalization in agriculture that, success after success, laid the foundation of world grain farming with new varieties of wheat cultivated even today and all over the planet, for a 100% Italian heart wheat that proudly has deep roots in these very territories.




Traditional recipe
The ingredients referring to the preparation of 17.64oz of pasta STRAMPELLI De.Co., are:

17,64 oz of pasta STRAMPELLI De.Co
4,4 oz of “Guanciale Dolceterra
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
a dash of dry white wine
6 or 7 San Marzano tomatoes or 14,11oz of quality peeled tomatoes
a piece of fresh or dried chilli (if any)
salt and pepper to taste

Brown in a strictly iron pan the extra virgin olive oil, the “Guanciale Amatriciano” De.Co, cleansed from its “cotica” and cut it into long strips.
Add the white wine and black pepper q.b. and possibly the chilli pepper, and cook over low heat for a few minutes until the pork cheek is lightly browned, being very careful not to brown too much, a fundamental rule for the success of the recipe.
Remove the strips of guanciale from the pan, drain well and keep them aside, preferably warm, thus avoiding the risk of making them become too dry and salty.
Add the tomatoes cut into fillets and remove the seeds, having previously blanched them or use 14.11oz of quality peeled tomatoes.
Salt, stir and cook over high heat for about 15 minutes.
Remove the chilli, and add the strips of guanciale previously set aside to the sauce, stirring the sauce again.
Combine the STRAMPELLI pasta De.Co cooked “al dente” in salted water q.b. and add abundant “Pecorino di Amatrice” De.Co cheese.

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