Tuscany Alchermes liqueur
Tuscany Alchermes liqueur
Tuscany Alchermes liqueur
Tuscany Alchermes liqueur
Tuscany Alchermes liqueur
Tuscany Alchermes liqueur
Tuscany Alchermes liqueur
Tuscany Alchermes liqueur

Tuscany Alchermes liqueur

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Tuscany Alchermes liqueur, now available on dolceterra US Store!

Its bright, ruby red color, which gave it its name, and the warm, spicy taste make Alkermes a unique liqueur!

Alchermes is a classic Italian liqueur, full-bodied, rich in spicy aromas and with hints of citrus. It has been used for centuries for the preparation of homemade desserts. During the Renaissance, it was the favorite liqueur at the Medici’s house in Florence.

The production of alchermes liqueur in Italy can easily be traced to Florence. It is credited to the Frati di Santa Maria Novella in the 1400s, although note the spelling on the label of the bottle in our image above.

The liqueur was very popular during the rule of the Medici who enjoyed its flavour in many sweet dishes of the period. It was known as the 'elisir di lunga vita' and was also introduced in France by Caterina de' Medici. So, alchermes became known as the 'liquore de' Medici' or liqueur of the Medici.

It is time to rediscover this sweet liqueur with a long, colorful history, literally! Above all, it is a sweet, higly alcoholic drink made from the infusion of diverse herbs and spices such as garfano, orange, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and coriander.

The Red color also gives alchermes its name; 'alquermes' in Spanish from the Arabic 'quirmiz' or scarlet.

Alchermes liqueur is used to prepare cakes such as the classic Zuppa Inglese and, obviously, is a delight in ice cream.

The Tuscan Region has officially recognized Alkermes as a “traditional product” and it has been included in the national registry of these products.

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Enia Filippone

Tuscany Alchermes liqueur

delia pike

Tuscany Alchermes liqueur

Christina Guillory
Outstanding Customer Service

EXCELLENT customer service from the beginning even when I made an error it was handled swiftly and without any issues. Dolceterra definitely deserves ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

alberto leandri

Dolce Terra is a great Company
Great product
Thank you

Lucrezia O'Brien
I love it !!!

It is absolutely wonderful. I made a Torta Diplomatica with it. Everyone loved it, and I will keep making it since I have the Alchermes Liqueur!!! It's a great recipe and the liqueur was perfect for it!!!

Anchestry Product

Born in Tuscany, it is said that this liqueur, considered a medicinal specialty, was already produced as an elixir of long life by the Florentine nuns of the Order of Santa Maria dei Servi, founded in 1233.


Essential ingredient for pastry such as peschine or Zuppa Inglese. About tasting: to enjoy it at the end of the meal, we recommend drinking it cold with some ice cubes


Our alchermes respects the traditions of the product in the preparation, created by skilled craftsmen and selected by our experts

keep it among the classics

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