Blu Del Lago – Sheep’s Milk Erborate

Italy produces more than 600 different kinds of cheese but Blu Del Lago stands out. In Italy, the hills are buzzing with the sound of sheep - bleating and baaing.

 While Toscana, where Blu Del Lago originated, is known for goats and cattle, sheep reign supreme. It is not possible to spend a day in Toscana without seeing a flock.

Several years ago, sheep have been a staple of Tuscan life. Sheep are the source of meat, wool and most importantly, milk. Rich and flavorful cheeses are produced using sheep’s milk. These cheeses vary from delicate and sweet to nutty and intense.


Normally, sheep used to graze around the home during the warmer months. But in the late fall, they were taken to the Maremma, a place that is close to the Mediterranean coast where the sea breeze warms the hills. The shepherds guide their flocks past many cities, leading the true nomadic lifestyle. In the spring, they return home and begin the cycle again.

This seasonal migration is called tranzumanza, meaning “crossing the land.”

 Today, there is almost nothing like tranzumanza because when Italy was besieged by battles, shepherds retreated from going afar to feed their sheep. So the grazing tradition slowly diminished, along with the old ways of making cheese.

 Fortunately, the ancient ways of making cheese in Italy and across the world has been lately revived. We have DOP (protected destination of origin) to thank for the revival of the cheesemaking. Both the DOP and other Italian food consortia now place renewed value on where and how the authentic cheeses are made.

 Every step of the process, from how and where the sheep graze to how long the cheese is aged, makes the difference in the flavor of each cheese. At Dolceterra, we’re happy to support the revival of tradition. That is why we bring you one of the best cheeses ever made in Italy – Blu Del Lago.

From standalone snacks to desserts to food accompaniment, cheese is one of the cornerstones of Italian meals. Cheese is not only for Italians nowadays but also for people from around the world.

 About Blu Del Lago cheese

Even if you have never tasted a cheese before, Blu Del Lago will make you want to always eat cheese. Blu Del Lago is a cheese produced from raw organic sheep’s milk. It is prepared by adding penicillium molds to the curds to kickstart the aging period. The rind is pierced with pins, resulting in a marbled blue-grey-green streak paste with a creamy texture. After taking off the rind, you will be greeted by a straw yellow color and when you slice through with a knife, the blue-grey-green paste will reveal itself and covers you with an intense and pleasant aroma.

 The aroma and flavor of Blu Del Lago are intense because it is aged for two months in grapevine leaves. The aroma and the pleasant taste of this cheese cannot be mistaken because it is unique.

 It is marbled together in organic sheep’s milk to ensure replicating aromas that delight the sense of smell of anyone. The holes scattered through the cheese is a result of the pins used to ensure the flavor and aroma circulate nicely.

 If you don’t like to throw away the rind of your cheese, you can eat the rind of Blu Del Lago. The rind is particularly flavourful. Blu Del Lago ivory and creamy paste contain a high percentage of moisture that compensates its spicy taste and a surprisingly sweet finish.

 How to eat Blu Del Lago?

You can eat Blu Del Lago alone by slicing it thinly with a sharp knife. If you are on your couch relaxing or you are on a poolside relaxing, you can enjoy this cheese alongside a wine. You can go completely Italian by pairing your cheese with Italian wines like Moscato or passito or some mild white wines like Sauvignon or Gewurztraminer.

 If you love fruits, you can also pair it with fruit chutney that is served as a bite-sized appetizer. It is good to make yourself happy always and this is one of the ways you can stay happy. When the aroma of Blu Del Lago is combined with its pleasant taste, along with wine and fruit chutneys, you will feel on top of the world. You can also make your weekend exciting by bringing your friends together in one place and serving them a nicely sliced Blu Del Lago alongside red or white wine. The same can also be done to your family member to make them also happy.

 If you really want to enjoy the pleasant taste of Italian cheese made with sheep’s milk, Blu Del Lago provides you everything you want in a cheese. Hold your knife, grab Blu Del Lago cheese, slice it thinly and travel to the blissful world of cheese.

 You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to order this cheese. Just place an order and Dolceterra will send it to your doorstep.


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