Sicilian Provolone with red pepper

The history of cheesemaking is just as famous as human history. Much like the history of Italy, the history of Sicilian Provolone cheese tells the remarkable story of human ingenuity and progress. Though both English cheese and Sicilian Provolone are made from cow’s milk, Provolone still tastes different and better than the English varieties because the livestock of both grazes different pastures, producing milk that tastes different. Sicily is known to produce milk from livestock including goats, cows and sheep. Although there are more goats than cows in Sicily, more cheeses produced in Sicily are made from cow’s milk.

 For instance, Sicilian Provolone (provola) is made from whole cow’s milk. This cheese is made using the old method, but with the latest technology. When aged, it assumes a sharp flavor. Provolone is in the form of a bulb, but during aging, it is suspended from a ribbon or string to make it form a small bulb at the top and a bigger bulb below. The more matured the Sicilian Provolone, the deeper yellow its rind is. Provolone’s texture is compact and with holes. This cheese made in Southern Italy has been around for more than a thousand year. Sicilian provola can be sweet, spicy, young (provolone dolce), smoked (provolone affumato) and salty (provolone piccante). Its ripening period ranges from 10 days to one year.

 In Italy, the love for Sicilian Cheeses should not come as a surprise because cheese is one of the cornerstones of an Italian meal. From using it as accompaniment for other foods to eating it alone, Italians love cheese. For instance, it can be used to top pasta dishes or pizza or as part of a desert.

 Nowadays, people from different parts of the world have also made cheese one of the cornerstones of their meal. Sicilian cheeses are sweet and can tickle palates. That is why it is in high demand. If you visit Italy and enter any Italian cheese store, you can easily spot Sicilian Provolone because of its large size and its shape that looks like pears.


It is smoky, delicious and has the same method of production as that of caciocavallo. Provolone is suspended from a beam until it is perfectly aged. It becomes yellow in hue, depending on how long it is aged. But you don’t need to travel to Italy to enjoy this full-fat, semi-hard cheese. You can now order it online at Dolceterra and it will be sent to you.

 About Sicilian Provolone (Provola)

No one wants to miss out on trying out Sicilian Provolone, especially this one that has red pepper. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, Sicilian Provolone cheese is aged for 4 months. It is soft, creamy and can easily be sliced. The straw-colored cheese acquires its round shape while it is hanged with twine or raffia string. This cheese comes in different sizes.

 The best thing about provolone is that it comes with pepper, making it a table cheese that can be enjoyed with friends and family. In fact, it is perfect for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday party or wedding, just mention it, this is the perfect cheese for your occasions.  The method of making this cheese is hygienic.

 The red pepper was added to the cheese, fermented and then sliced and worked by experts using a wooden paddle, making sure all the whey is drained off. Then the same expert hand-form the thick curds into a pear shape, tying the ends. The cheeses are salted and left to age for 4 months to reveal its spicy flavor and aroma. Sicily provolone high-end taste makes it the choice of many people around the world. If you love excellent aroma and flavor that fills your mouth and nose at the same time to give you excellent taste, this is the right cheese for you.

How to eat Sicilian Provolone?

 Provolone is sweet and mild when young, so it gains a sharp fruity taste as it ages. It will melt wonderfully when you use it to top pizza or stir into risotto or pasta. You can also slice and eat it with a savory cracker or with honey. This cheese also goes well with white wines like Bianchi dell’ Etna and medium-bodied Nerello Mascalese or Nero d’Avola. You can also pair Sicilian provolone with a dessert wine like Passito di Noto.

 If you have been eating cheese in the past and have never tasted Sicilian provolone before, a try will make you forget the cheeses you’ve eaten in the past. The taste, aroma and flavor of this one will give you an unforgettable experience.

 Dolceterra brings you the best cheese from Italy. This cheese will delight your palate and brighten your mood. For any occasion, Sicilian provolone is the right table cheese you need to make your guests happy. Order this cheese, slice, serve and let the party begin!


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Sicilian Provolone with red pepper