Dolceterra N°2 Handmade &
Dolceterra N°2 Handmade &

Dolceterra N°2 Handmade 'Stripy of Sorrento' Terracotta Glasses

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The vibrant Dolceterra NO2 Handmade Lemon of Sorrento Terracotta Glasses is the next best thing to a painter’s palette. If you want to make your entire tea or coffee break feel like a trip to Italy, this beautifully handcrafted ceramic mug is your companion.

Whether you are using it to sip tea, coffee or Limoncello of Sorrento, you are going to love the beauty of the mugs. Two beautifully hand-painted glasses come in a gorgeous package that will deliver beauty to your home. If you are passionate about culture and tradition, Dolceterra NO2 Handmade Lemon of Sorrento Terracotta Glasses offer you true Italian culture and tradition.

It’s not just about the quality of the glasses, but about the beauty they bring to your home. With Dolceterra NO2 Handmade Lemon of Sorrento Terracotta Glasses, you can comfortably spread your legs on a couch and ship your favorite drinks.

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