Important: In this period the US customs has become hostile to the import of Italian Salami, some shipments are blocked and taken, we are waiting for bilateral and commercial relations with Italy to improve as it was in the past. The mission of Dolceterra is to provide the best Italian salami to our loyal customers in the United States of America, we guarantee the full refund for the products stolen.

In Italy, the use of pork meat, especially salted and processed into charcuterie products, also has an ancient tradition. Going from the triumphs of the Renaissance period, when the art of gastronomy develops and pork appears on the most sumptuous banquet tables, up to the nineteenth century, when the first food workshops and charcuterie shops open. Today, the heritage of norcinos has been handed down to the artisans and to the food industry world that is always ready to create innovative products, sometimes rediscovering its ancient recipes.