Monte Veronese Cheese Aged 4 months

Monte Veronese Cheese Aged 4 months

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Monte Veronese is the most popular Verona, Italy cheese. It is semi-hard, semi-cooked cheese with slightly straw-yellow colour and widespread tiny holes. Aged for 4 months, Monte Veronese has an intense, fragrant taste that becomes sharper as it ages.

It got its PDO status in 1993, making it authentic and quality cheese you can enjoy anywhere around the world. The cylindrical shape cheese is about 7-11 centimetres high and 25-35 centimetres in diameter.

Monte Veronese is a versatile cheese that can be used as a table cheese or grated cheese. Although it can be consumed alone, this delicious and aromatic cheese can be paired with fresh salads. Monte Veronese deserves its place on any cheese bowl, but would also pair well with a drop or two of balsamic vinegar.

Try enjoying it with aged red wines and good raisin wine.

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