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Twist & Flake Grana Padano

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Perfect for both party table and to pour freshly cut cheese over dishes, Twist & Flake Grana Padano, brings a unique taste to every home. You just have to twist and turn the special cap to pour a freshly cut cheese over your dish.

Generally aged for two years, Twist & Flake Grana Padano is made from unpasteurised, semi-skimmed cow’s milk. It is firm and thick. Its deeply coloured rind protects the dry, flaking and fragrant flavour. This grana Padano is less crumbly, less complex and milder.

Its P.D.O status makes it authentic and high-quality. If you don’t like the hard but edible rind on it, try adding the rind to your soup for more flavour and texture. Twist & Flake Grana Padano offers a nutty, a sharp fruitiness and buttery quality, along with a pleasantly salty finish.

It can be paired with any dish, figs and dried fruit, walnut, cured meat, olives or a drizzle of honey. You just need to twist and turn the cap to spread a fresh Twist & Flake Grana Padano on your recipe or cut a large chunk of it and enjoy with your favourite wine if you are really hungry.

The cheese is nutritious and digests easily. Grab one Twist & Flake Grana Padano and make your day a fun-filled one.

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