Capri Melon Cream

Capri Melon Cream

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Originally flavored with Limoncello of Sorrento, Capri Melon Cream is an easy open fridge liqueur that combines cream and fresh flavor to deliver an elegant taste. Where there is fun, there is Capri Melon Cream. Thanks to the ancient production method and the latest technology that produced this fine and exclusive product.

The materials used to produce this Capri Melon Cream are carefully selected to make sure you get the required vitamins and alcohol. If you are looking for a fine and exclusive liqueur from Italy, this is the right choice for you. You will not only like its flavor but also its exclusive and refreshing taste.

Your day is never complete without Capri Melon Cream, so make sure you always have it in your refrigerator. And if you are throwing a party, don’t forget to fill the table with this exclusive liqueur.

50 cl. - 17%vol.

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