Limoncello Antica Ricetta 6.8 fl oz

Limoncello Antica Ricetta

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The Limoncello Antica Ricetta is a sweet drink made using the best Italian lemon with natural juice and flavour. Limoncello is a natural product typical of South Italy. It has a bright yellow colour of lemon that gives it sweet aroma and strong flavour.
With Limoncello Antica Ricetta, you get to enjoy vitamin C. It is a divine liquor made according to ancient recipe and it is impressive because of its genuine, natural taste of freshly matured, sun-kissed lemon fruit. Limoncello is perfect for every occasion and it’s better chilled.
You can drink it at home, offer it to your friends or use it as a gift on special occasions. Limoncello Antica Ricetta is the drink you need in your home.

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