Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale
Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale
Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale
Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale
Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale

Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale

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Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale is an irresistible and enjoyable cake produced traditionally with natural ingredients. It is refreshing, inspiring, rich and savory. The tasty dough is prepared following a very strict system of natural leavening and hand wrapped to make it a prestigious gift for any occasion.

With chocolate, almond, pandoro and many wonderful ingredients, you can never go wrong with this satisfying Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale. Not only is this natural cake smooth on the taste bud, but also fresh and luxuriously prepared.

If you are looking for a fresh and savory cake, Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale is the best. With it, you can pamper your family and self without breaking a bank. It is refreshing and ideal for any time of the day. If you are able to slip a Pasticceria Scarpato - Artisan Panettone Tradizionale in your bag when you are going out, you will never have to worry about hunger.

Shelf life: The product maintains its characteristics for 7 months in its original packaging.
Packaging: 1 panettone of 0.5 kg/1.10 lb
Storage: store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources and direct light.

shipments available from October 1st

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Linda Fowler
That's sa Italia! Que Buono!!

Buon giorno, I am so fortunate to be able to purchase your products. Lived in Italia Sud anche' Nord for 3 years and it's my second most fave place in the World besides the USA. Thank you and enjoy Peace and Good Will.

Rose Wright
I am so pleased

The panettone is perfect, I would not change it for anything. It is very yummy, the aroma is DELICIOUS, I would buy it again and again.

Sam Willys
This is perfect

The crispy, succulent and crunchy shell is all soaked with cream and sweet syrup. The inside is like a cloud, which is more fluffy and soft than most panettone.

Frank E
Can't praise it enough

The best part about the traditional panettone is that it's not overly sweet. It's a great balance of sweet and doughy sensations. Plus, it's not greasy at all!


It's not overly sweet, and the texture is so light and fluffy. Also, unlike most panettone, this isn't greasy at all! I will be ordering more of these for sure!

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