Cheese Affined in Walnut Leaves

Cheese Affined in Walnut Leaves

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Walnuts are good but their leaves are better. This Italian cheese made with organic cow’s milk is refined in barriers, where its wheels are seasoned and alternated with walnut leaves. Not just about the health benefits of the walnut leaves, but also about the inconspicuous aroma it offers.

This cheese affined in walnut leaves is a perfect cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With its straw-yellow interior colour, thin rind and crumbly texture, you are sure of cheese with fruity notes and unmistakable taste. Think about salted caramel and toffee, or biscuits baked in the oven, this cheese taste better.

When it comes to a sweet and satisfying cheese, this cheese is on top of the list. Eat it alone or pair it with your favourite salads, nuts, chocolate or recipes. It can also be consumed alongside a glass of red wine or white wine for optimal satisfaction.

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