Cheese Affined in White Wine

Cheese Affined in Prosecco

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Aged for 2 to 3 months, this cheese is soaked in white wine for 15 days to absorb the aroma of white wine and makes its taste unmistakable. This delicate, white cheese has a crumbly texture and holes scattered across its inner part.

If you are a fan of white wine and looking for cheese affined in white wine so that you can combine the two and treat yourself to the most delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, Dolceterra presents to you a cheese affined in white wine. The compact cheese gives out the aroma of vine white wine from Italy and a taste that is not only the best but unmistakable.

The fruit notes of this cheese make it the favourite of a lot of people. If you are really looking for a cheese soaked in white wine and that delivers a great taste, look no further than this cheese affined in white wine.

It can be combined with your favourite white wines and other recipes. If you want to enjoy this sweet and fruity cheese, slice it thinly and serve with a glass of white wine.

size 1.1 lb

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