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Cheese Refined in Honey

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Luna Di Miele is an Italian cheese that creates a sweet fusion between honey and goat’s milk. The delicious cheese brings back the old memory of childhood, remembering that feeling we had when a cup of warm milk and honey is placed in front of us. With a honey coloured covering the outside of this sweet cheese, it is attractive and inviting.

It is time to move over tea and toast, as cheese refined in honey is available to delight your taste buds while also engaging your sense of culinary adventure. The combination of cheese and honey is like a marriage made in heaven. With this cheese refined in honey, you don’t need to drizzle honey over your cheese again.

This cheese is sure to make a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are eating cheese for the first time, this is the perfect cheese to start with. Grab this cheese, slice it thinly and enjoy with any fruity wine of your choice. It can also be enjoyed with salad, recipes and dishes.
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