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Dolceterra Cheese - Collection 03 Gold

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Composed of:
Grana Padano Gold Time DOP
Asiago Cheese Gold Time
Piave Vecchio Gold Time

This Dolceterra collection offers the intense flavour of Italy’s most famous cheese and exclusive taste perfect to tickle your palate. If you love cheeses with class, Dolceterra Cheese Collection will make your meal a memorable one.

Grana Padano is one of the most sought-after Italian cheeses because it is hard, slow-ripened and semi-fat cheese made in Italy. Asiago is another top Italian cheese packed in this collection because the cow milk used to produce it gives it an irresistible texture and aroma. Piave is also local to Dolomites area and has a status of DOP, which makes it an authentic cheese.

With this collection of cheese, you can never go wrong. Grab this collection and you will be happy eating them alone or alongside a cup of wine.
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