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Dolceterra Cheese Refined With Pear

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Discover Dolceterra Cheese Refined with Pear. Pears come in the summer and go. If you love the flavour of pear, its health benefits and its sweet note, you don’t have to wait until the summer before you enjoy your favourite fruit again.

This cheese is produced so you can combine the enjoyment of cheese and the sweet taste of pears for a satisfying meal. If you have been looking for the best way to incorporate pears in your diet, Dolceterra Cheese Refined with Pear presents you the best way to enjoy the nutrient-filled pear alongside your cheese.

It pairs well with most of your favourite recipes and wines. It is also perfect for any gathering. If you have never eaten this cheese before, you are missing on great fun. Whenever you are hungry and thinking of delicious cheese to eat, try this cheese to recharge and refresh.

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