Monte Veronese Cheese Aged 24 months SlowFood

Monte Veronese Cheese Aged 36 months SlowFood

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Monte Veronese Slow Food Cheese

The general approach to food is increasingly oriented towards speed: fast food, microwaves, pre-cooked soups and much more.

There is less and less time to dedicate to your meal, to the discovery of smells and tastes that will be forgotten, if you do not change this trend.

And this change must take place at the source so that it has the best of effects: even the food that arrives on our tables must take its time, must be born from the patience and attention of the farmer or breeder.

Let's imagine then to sit down at the table and to prepare it calmly, as if it were a kind of sacred rite: the tablecloth covers the nice wooden table, to better collect the crumbs and throw them out of the door to feed the ants.

Then the plates, bottoms and tops, followed by the napkin folded into a triangle on which we will lay our cutlery.

Glass, wine flask and a jug of fresh water, then the food.

And one cannot speak of calm without tasting the Monte Veronese Cheese, a brilliant example of the beauty of slow food, a different way of thinking about breeding and agriculture in order to have a positive and non-wearing impact on the environment that surrounds it.

The luckiest of us will be able to put a whole form of Monte Veronese on our table, before cutting it with a knife and eating its first pieces.

This shape, whose aging can last up to two years (in the case of the stravecchio) hides within it all the flavors passed down from a tradition of 800 years.

It was 1287 when the mountainous region of Lessinia was dedicated to breeding and still is today, with a value never seen before of its products, able to protect the ecosystem in which they are found and rich in flavor.

Different cheeses, from whole milk, which is consumed fresh, to partially skimmed cheese, which takes on a mature form.

This is all that lies behind a sprinkling of cheese on the beloved tomato spaghetti: a story and a care for the environment that can only be appreciated by pausing for a moment and dedicating part of your time to discover it.

Will you feel, in your first bites, the fresh taste of the grass of the pastures of Lessinia? The uniqueness of the Malga milk, so much forgotten in the past as valued today? Will the knowledge of being able to taste a rare, almost unique product, the result of a few producers change the taste on your tongue?

We are sure that you will, just as we know that food is never a mere mathematical formula in which ingredients are added together and the same result is always obtained: it is more of a magic formula, in which every small step can have surprising effects and for this reason it is necessary to pay the right attention.

Pay attention to the table, the plate and the diners, because good food is even better if shared.

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