Monte Veronese Fresh Cheese

Monte Veronese Fresh Cheese

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The Monte Veronese Fresco is produced with whole cow's milk.
It has a cylindrical shape with almost flat faces with slightly convex sides. The paste between the fingers is soft and elastic.
The rind is thin and elastic with a more or less intense straw color. The pasta is white or light yellow, with more or less diffused holes.
On the nose the smell recalls the pleasant scent of yogurt and fresh butter. Sometimes even that of green and fresh grass.

Monte Veronese has a delicate and pleasant taste reminiscent of fresh milk, cream and fresh butter. The taste is sweet, slightly acid like yogurt. It has a soft structure, easily soluble in the mouth.

The ideal pairing is with sparkling or sparkling wines, with even structured white wines, with rosés or with easy-to-drink red wines. Suitable as a main course, diced in salads or sliced in sandwiches and fondues.

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