"Erba Cipollina Cheese" - La Casara Roncolato

"Erba Cipollina Cheese" - La Casara Roncolato

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Erba Cipollina Cheese is a semi-cooked curd pasteurized cow’s milk cheese. At the end of the curling process, the chives are added and then salted in brine. Erba Cipollina Cheese wheels have slightly convex faces. Aged for 40 days, it is covered by chives to give it a natural flavour and outstanding taste of Italy.

The chive covering makes it look herbaceous and beautiful. If you are a fan of sweet, nutritious and delicious cheese, Erba Cipollina Cheese is perfect for you. After the yellow coloured cheese received chives, we packaged it under vacuum seal to make sure it is always safe for consumption.

Whether you are eating it alone or pairing it with chocolate, salads, salumi or your favourite recipes, you will always love the taste and aroma. It can also be enjoyed with full-bodied red wine and white wine. So grab a pack of Erba Cipollina Cheese and send your hunger packing.

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