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Taleggio Cheese D.O.P.

Taleggio Cheese D.O.P.

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Taleggio Cheese is a smear-ripened Italian cheese named after Val Taleggio caves. This cheese is one of the oldest soft cheeses produced in autumn and winter. When producing Taleggio Cheese, it is brought to the lab and placed on the wooden shelves and in the cave according to tradition. The cheese is washed with seawater once a week to prevent mould infestation.

Taleggio Cheese contains 48% fat and it has gained a PDO status. With a strong smell and a taste relatively mild with an unusual fruity tang, this cheese is bright and moderate. The body of the cheese has a uniform and solid consistency. The flavour is sweet, with a hint of truffle.

Taleggio Cheese goes well with pears, cranberries and crackers. It can be eaten on bruschetta with fresh tomatoes or add a lovely tangy creaminess to risotto with it. Grate it on salads like Rucola and Radicchio and see its wonderful taste. You can serve Taleggio Cheese with Italian Nebbiolo wines and a wide range of white and red wines.

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